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Here are a few other things about us. 

bulletJulie - Julie is into all sorts of sports and loves anything that has to do with outdoors.  She's an avid runner.  She is not just my wife but also a build partner.  At 4'10" (and 3/4", she'll tell you) and 95 lbs, it's interesting building the car with her.  We've had some interesting discussion about how torquing bolts works and why she can't do some of the high torque ones because of her size! 



bulletRandy - I've been a pilot since the mid eighties and have flown tons of different types of aircraft.  Currently, we own a Cessna 182 which is a reasonable cross country airplane.  It cruises about 160mph but we'd always like to go faster!  When we're not building or flying, Jul and I are driving or rollerblading or whatever.  You can't usually accuse us of standing still for too long.


Thanks for visiting!    - R and J.

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