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Welcome to Randy and Julie's FFR Mark III build page.  We call the car the 'ChevyCobra' for reasons you'll see when you look around a little!

What's new!

Recently, I categorized all the pictures on in the Photo Gallery, added a FAQ with all sorts of good stuff on it, and added a news page which I promise to keep updated!

Also, I was honored to be chosen for a 'builder profile' on Factory Five Racing's website.  Here is a link!

I thought I would do a slideshow to music for the guys that are building as incentive...  Factory Five loved it and

asked if they could link to it from their site.  They did and here's the link (with a link to the video)


Click on the car's nose for the WEBCAM!

Favorite Links


bulletFactory Five Racing     The ultimate FFR build forum!    build site.   An excellent resource.

It's Winter again and I was able to put about 3000 miles on the car this summer.  What a blast! 

Photo Gallery

Project Status!

Here's tons of pictures of us and the car.


bulletSummer's fun ended (November 2006) post:

Today was the last time I drive the Chevycobra this year. IT was a great year and we had an incredible time driving the car this Summer. 


4 oil changes
6070 miles
more grins to count!

I don't think I had to turn one screw because of a mechanical issue, so that's good!


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