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The Photo Gallery

Here are tons of pictures.  It's the usual, click on a thumbnail and you'll get a bigger version of the picture.  If you would like to see a a really detailed version of the picture for ideas, let me know via the 'Send a comment' form and I'll do my best to get you the picture via email.


At Factory Five Racing picking up the new toy!


The first thing you do is remove the sheet metal that is screwed on by the factory.  (After taking careful pictures of everything)  There are a lot of seemingly uninteresting pictures here.  They helped me (and hopefully others) figure out how panels go back together!


The very first webcam capture.  You can see my hat as I'm positioning the camera.


Webcam captures that were saved by my Dad.  They show the build in an interesting way:


Pictures from the Winter 2004 'Rochester Area Show and Tell Tour'

First Drive night! 

Some interesting concerns.  Some pictures were taken so I could post questions or clarifications.  These are some of them:


Innovations or neat things I did:


I was getting teased by the guys for putting a Chevy in the car so I decided to post a couple pictures to make it look better.  I think it does in these two!  The guys got a kick out of them.


Trying to show how my striker was mounted.  This is a trouble area with the Mark III kits.


Dan Williams and I building headers!  Dan's a great friend and together, we taught ourselves how to fabricate headers from scratch.  They were ready to run in eight hours!


More pictures of the headers before and after coating.


Here are a couple pages I liberated off the internet that talk about the TV cable on a TH-700-R4 automatic transmission.

If the wheels come in the mail, you have to trial mount them, right?!


First time the car was rolled out of the garage.


First time the car was rolled out with the body on.


This was first start day and I aimed the camera out to the driveway.


Engine is in and starting the plumbing mockup.


Dash and wheels on.


Installed the battery box that FFR supplies but installed it flush (almost) in the truck so that there is more space!  I took a bunch of pictures of this I'm proud to say that others have done the same thing based on it!


Wiring!  This was the funnest part for me.  Lots don't like it but I do.  Thanks to my Dad growing up and teaching me this sort of stuff!


More body fit pictures and a little more complete.


First start day.  It's Dan Williams and Al Magaloff helping with the startup.


First Drive night.  If it's ready, it's ready!  Right?!


Three-link pictures.


Showing how I fit the rear upper aluminum plates.  This is another issue with the Mark III.  They don't fit perfectly and you have to do something different.


A friend, Tony A, was the first to use a Mini backup light.  After seeing his and talking to him, I decided that I would be the second!  I also drew up a tutorial about how to install it!  There is a link to it in the FAQ page.


The car gets a transmission cooler!  It's mounted in between the radiator and fan shroud.  You can also see the electronic fan controller in these pictures.


The very first time the Cobra goes to work.  This was one unbelievable day that I will never forget.


Shopping!  Doesn't seem like a milestone but it was, trust me!


Wipers were installed.  I was able to 'form' (bend) the arms so that they were perfectly parallel with the windshield frame.


A cruise with Jeff Walker (Cobra99) over to see Rick Lux and his car.


The very first taste of what cruising the Cobra with a destination in mind.  This was a trip that Julie and I took out to Letchworth State Park in Upstate NY.  Very beautiful place.



Installed a heater bought from Speedway Motors.  It's a great little two speed heater and installs completely behind the firewall. 


Sometimes, a picture is the only proof that you did something.  (As is the rule on so I took this picture of a particularly bad part of the build.  Drilling the rollbars!


The car gets vacuum brakes.


measurements for those that want to install their own SBC into one of these cars!


Met the FFR guys at the Syracuse Nationals and hung out with Dave Smith and a bunch of others at an In-N-Out Burger in Phoenix.  The Chevycobra definitely got Dave's seal of approval! 


On January 19th. 2006, we had another 'Rochester Area Show and Tell Tour' which usually includes meeting for food and talk and then going out to visit a few other projects in the area.  This time, we met at our house and then went over to visit Jeff Walker's (Cobra99) build.  As you can see from the pictures, it was a great turnout!

Pics of the engine after the 'hop up'!

Some pictures showing the height of the air-cleaner front.  It has about a finger's width between it's front edge and the underside of the hood scoop.  When measured from the passenger's side four inch round tube, it's 26 1/4 inches high (in the front)

Here's a picture of my custom leather door panels by Herb Frasier on  He took my leather and made these!

We just got the body back from Batman Jeff Miller and it's incredible.  Here are some pictures just after getting it home.

When the body arrived back from Batman's, the Southern California guys surprised me with this T-shirt with a bunch of their signatures attached to the 'frame'.  What an outstanding present! 

Here are a couple pictures of the trunk carpet and the 'work in progress' of the glove compartment (between the seats)

Here are some pictures of the Fatmat, boy was that a job!  I can see now why guys take pictures of their cars when the Fatmat is done! 

A picture of Rick Lux on his first legal 'cross country'  (about 15 miles).  I'm lucky enough to be his first destination!  It's truly a beautiful car!

Pictures of the VPM 3-link stiffener bar:

The interior is coming together!

A few more of the interior just before the body goes on.

Here are some pictures of a few things I did.  Vacuum brakes, a nutplate for a dead pedal mount  (I'll be able to change the dead pedal design and just bolt the new one down), a couple pictures of my new barf tank with the hose coming in the top.  (real simple!)

At exactly 10:31pm ET on Jun 13th, the car was officially done!  Here are a bunch more pictures taken just before the insurance appraisal guy got there.

New rims!

The OPEN HOUSE!!!  I made it!



New Miata seats!  We'll recover them in leather and put the seat heater elements in them during the winter.


View the Lake George Summer Run 2006 pics!

The Chevycobra and friends go Autocrossing!

Glamour shots

Factory Five Racing Open House 2007

Lake George Summer Run 2007 pics

Snakes and Grapes II

Lake George Summer Run 2008 pics

Snakes and Grapes 2008

Lake George Summer Run 2009 pics

Lake George Summer Run 2010 pics



Wow, you made it this far!  Thanks for looking!  If there is anything you would like to see more of, please don't hesitate to use the contact us form and send me a note!  - Randy


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