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Here are a few videos that I made.  I'm still experimenting with the quality and such but you get the idea!

Your best bet might be to 'right-click' and then select 'save'. 

bulletCobra intro video  2.6 megabyte .wmv file 
bulletEarly Cobra drive video  3.8 megabyte  .wmv file.
bulletDrive video better quality  6.5 megabyte  .wmv file.
bulletJeff Walker gocarting   7.1 megabyte  .wmv file
bullet Jeff Walker (Cobra99) driving behind the Chevycobra   3.8 megabyte  .wmv file.
bulletA short ride with 'RickLux'  9.0 megabyte  .wmv file
bulletWant to see a real 427 Sideoiler start?!  Shawn Carter's SGC48  3.2 megabyte .avi file.
bulletFirst of two very short gocart videos.  2.3 mb .mov file.
bulletSecond of the two very short gocart videos.  3.82 mb .mov file.
bulletShawn Carter gocarts his 427 Sideoiler Mark III.  1.5 mb .wmv file.
bullet Slide show to music   --  I think it's well worth the download.  13.7 wmv file
bulletPretty high quality video of a dead cold startup and idle.  13.5 mb .mov file
bulletThe same startup but in mp3 audio only.  2.2 mb .mp3 file
bulletJust cruising across the New York countryside in Winter.  (might be considered boring!)  24.6 mb .mov file
bullet0 to (something <grin>) run one.  I'm not at full throttle and it bumped the rev limiter at 5500rpm once.  4.3 mb .mov file
bullet0 to (something <grin>) run two.  Still not at full throttle and it shifts right under the rev limiter at 5500.  3.7 mb .mov file
bulletA Moment of Thunder - Godspeed Dick Smith.   2.6 mb .wmv file
bulletBud Knapp gocart 1  14.6 mb .mov file
bulletBud Knapp gocart 2  30.6 mb .mov file









Thanks for visiting!    - R and J.

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