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bulletOct 2005

Today was the last time I drive the Chevycobra this year. It's coming apart for paint starting tomorrow and on November 12th, Stewart Transport shows up to take the body to 'Da Bat'. It's bitter sweet, I'm excited about finally being finished next spring but it has been a toy more fun than any other I ever owned and I'm sad to finally take it apart.


2 oil changes
3070 miles
more grins to count!

I don't think I had to turn one screw because of a mechanical issue, so that's good!

For next year, I might as well change everything! We'll be stepping up the engine and changing the entire rotational assembly, adding GN power brakes and have almost decided on power steering.


bulletJan 2006

Well, after much consideration and homework, I decided to scrap the GN setup (literally). After getting the setup all in there and then trying to bleed the brakes, it was apparent that my pump was leaking. So, onward and upward!

I ordered the combination 7" round vacuum booster and Corvette 1" bore master Cylinder from Speedway motors. The MC is all setup for regular 3/16 brake line with standard 3/8-20 double flare ends.   It's a great booster and I can't wait to see how it works!








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